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Lade' has a unique sound of her own a plus for music of today!”

— J Tizzle


Lade' Adams is a talented singer and songwriter who brings a breath of fresh air to the local music scene, and beyond. Every now and then, you get music that hits the mark in every respect. From performance to production, down to personality and attitude. Lade' definitely managed to achieve so much in her career, treasuring her life-long connection with music, which dates back to her family roots as well. Her dad, for example, was a former recording artist as well, and she went on to influence her greatly. Lade’s sound is a prime example of the artist’s commitment to creating astonishing studio material, and there is something quite special about her willingness to focus on details in the sound, and not just the bigger picture. What I mean is, some artists have this “fix it in a post” mindset, but Lade' has a more human, genuine connection with her music, leading to some amazing results. This can be heard on BAG, which has a lot of warmth, and it is arguably the product of the artist’s genuine passion! Lade’s work has been featured in many gospel choirs, and she is also a member of Sexy Shades of Blackness, an Oratorical Choir. In addition to that, she is a true role model and she is committed to coaching young girls that have a passion for singing.




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